Franklin & Parlor Stoves

Here is a look at some of the rare and collectible items I have encountered over the years. Some are one-of-a-kind items that you will only see here!

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Windsor Latrobe:

The body of this stove is designed to slide into a fire place opening.  Mica window doors are both in the front and on the left and right sides.  The stove is very unique when fitted with gas logs makes a charming addition to your home.  Made circa 1890's

Fireplace Insert

1890's circa. Can convert to gas logs.

Acme Franklin:

Front door lifts up and hooks at the top for viewing the fire.  This unit is free standing but will need to be vented when using wood or gas logs.  Can convert to gas.

1887 - Original Tiles. Can be converted to gas.


This is the large model of this stove.  It also has a front door that will slide up and lock in place for viewing the fire.  Tiles are original and dates to mid 1880's.  When this stove is refurbished it will really be a show piece. 


1885 - Original tiles. Can be converted to gas. --Note: Photo is before restoration.


1880 - Can convert to Gas. Price as shown -$1880. Click to view the top finial. View the detail of the door.

Ivy Franklin:

1885 - Very Rare! With 8 original tiles - large tile in front is of Ben Franklin - rare. This stove is converted to Gas logs. "Outstanding" stove!

Floral Acorn:

1890's circa - Note the woman's face on the right side and very ornate finial. Stove can convert to gas logs.

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