Antique Stove Restorations & Converstions

We Convert Stoves!

We have the ability to convert any antique heating stove to gas or electric. We do this to utilize modern technology in an effort to provide a more reliable and consistent form of cooking and heating. Furthermore, the use of gas and electric allows for a fully functional up-to-date stove or heater with a beautiful historical look and feel. Not only are you investing in a unique piece of history, but also receiving a top of the line cooki.ceng or heating stove. In addition to electric and gas stoves, gas logs can be installed into any heater for a traditional fireplace look.

How safe is a conversion?

Conversion of our antique stoves to electric or gas is both practical and safe. We install only parts that are both AGA and UL approved that comply with the strictest local codes for stoves. We offer thermostats that are both reliable for cooking and easily adjustable. Modern conversion technology allows our antique heating and cooking stoves to be as safe as any present stove on the market.

We Buy Stoves! We Restore Stoves!

Have an antique stove? We offer to buy antique stoves at a fair price or will convert and restore your stove to your specifications. If you are interested in our services let us know. Send a clear picture of the stove and summary of what you would like done with it. Indicate the condition of the stove, asking price, and please feel free to ask any question you may have.

Photos can be sent digitally to:

Photos can be mailed via ground to:

Carlyle Weiss
#5 Corthell
Laramie, WY 82070

If you would like to contact me directly please call:

(307) 742-9181 or (307) 760-4969

How do I transport your stove?

If you choose to have your stove professionally restored by Carlyle Weiss and live within the midwest, I am personally available to bring the stove to your door. Shipping via commercial carriers can also be arranged. Please contact us for shipping prices.

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